Introducing Varantic!

Varantic is a completely NEW breakthrough in sound synthesis technology. 

With Varantic, you can create endless variations from only a small set of input sound effects.Varantic

Need a hundred different gravel footsteps? No problem. Need an arsenal of unique laser guns? Easy. With Varantic's patent-pending frequency analysis engine, you can now synthesize the sound effects you need in seconds instead of hours.

Take a few sound effects.  Drag and drop them into Varantic.  The procedural audio engine will generate as many variations of those sound effects as you want.

And remember, when you generate new sounds with Varantic, you'll never hear exactly the same sound twice.



Varantic allows you to drag and drop files right into the tool. You can also search a directory for the sounds you are looking for. We made it easy to add and remove sounds so you can play around to find the best combinations for your project.


Varantic can create files in the format and sample type you need. We can help you create WAV, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC files.

The tool shows where your sounds will be saved. Choose a filename and location for the output file easily and know your files are going exactly where you expect.

We understand the importance of having a file be exactly the right length. You can set the duration of the sounds Varantic creates to be an exact length. Or, your can give it a range for even more variation.

Easily preview sounds from within the tool. Just click on the preview button and you will get a new sound with each click. To hear a sound again, just press the replay button. And if you like what you hear, you can save the file to a pre-selected folder.

If you want to export a whole batch of files, you can do that by clicking this button. From the export pane, you can set how many files you would like to create and have them generated automatically and easily.