Audio Tips

In an effort to get back to our core values, we wanted to find a way to give back. We love to help people out by sharing our knowledge and experience. We at Gigantic feel that we have been so lucky to be able to work in such an amazing industry. We are always trying to learn and grow along with the industry, and we are also trying to pass along what we know to the next generation. From basic info to more complex or technical discussions, we hope you will find something to spark your creativity and bring a new outlook to your projects.

  • Interview with Robert Rice of VRWERX

    Thanks for agreeing to this interview.  Would you tell us when you figured out that you wanted to make sounds and music for a living?  It didn't happen overnight.  I've been making noise and playing games my whole life and never planned to do it for a living.  It’s something I… more>>

  • Three things I learned from Jory Prum

    This picture was taken about a month ago.  It was the last time I got to see Jory. Many others have already spoken well about him. Jory taught mostly by example.  Jory never wrote the following rules down, as far as… more>>

  • 25 easy tips for a better business card

    The right business card can help you get work for yourself or for your company. It can help remind someone that they want to work with you. This can be especially helpful at trade shows and conferences, where there is an endless stream… more>>

  • Whither ultrasonic: what experts can really hear

    The year is 2030. A large Japanese electronics company has just come out with a new television: the UltraStarNavTV. And this television is so advanced that it now generates light in the spectrum from 400 nm to 10 nm. And the marketing flyers… more>>

  • Crosshatching: when a mistake becomes music

    Caution! This article contains some very loud, mathematically synthesized tones that may damage speaker equipment if played at excessive levels. Check your playback levels before playing the sounds in this article.  Here is a 440 Hz test tone for you: One… more>>

  • Sound engineer’s guide to defeating Batman

    Here is a well-known fact about me: I love Batman. In Batman Beyond, one of his enemies is a sound designer. No, I'm not kidding. His name is Shriek; his principal weapon is sound. He has the ability to enhance or dampen any type of… more>>