Gia“There are aspects of the Holy Grail in Varantic.”
-Brian Schmidt, Founder and Executive Director at GameSoundCon

“I want to put Varantic on a f***ing alien right now!
-Michael Csurics, Voice Director/Writer/Sound Artist

“Varantic is the first real groundbreaking development I have seen in game audio in 10 or 15 years.”
-Matt Shores, CEO at Empty Clip Studios

“My experience with Varantic was so gratifying. Rather than going through a DAW pipeline of numerous steps, Varantic allowed me be to the efficient and creative audio chemist that I always dreamed of being.”
-Chase Bethea, Sound Designer

“It worked really well for the sounds I was trying to create new variations for.”
-Rick Hernandez, Sound Designer

“The sound design is even better, consisting of uncomfortable silence broken up by footsteps and slithers. The sound is probably the scariest part of the game.”

“The score and gut-wrenching sound effects nicely set the macabre mood… Super creepy audio.”

“And while we’re talking audio, it MUST be reiterated… The audio, as always, kicks ass.”

“The sound effects are topnotch and work well with the atmosphere of the game. Sound: 4.5 out of 5.”
– Cheat Code Central