Varantic. Choice is good.

With Varantic, you can create highly realistic variations from a small set of sound effects.  Instantly and easily.

Varantic breaks sound effects into their component DNA and models the sounds as probabilities.

Need a hundred different gravel footsteps? No problem. Need an arsenal of unique laser guns? Easy.  With Varantic, jobs that used to take days or weeks can be done in seconds.

Varantic’s already been used at some of the biggest game studios, movie studios, and theme parks in the world.  Get Varantic now, and hear what you’ve been missing.

  • RichardLudlow

    Richard Ludlow, Director at Hexany Audio

    Varantic allowed us to generate unique variations that sounded completely fresh and natural.
  • Robert Rice

    Robert Rice, Technical Sound Designer

    Varantic enables me to iterate sounds at the click of a button, without ever opening my DAW.

  • Tracy Bush

    Tracy Bush, Audio Director at Sphero

    I was able to generate the hundreds of sounds I needed based on forty seconds of audio.

  • Michael Csurics

    Michael Csurics, Voice Director

    I want to put Varantic on a f***ing alien right now!

  • Brian Schmidt

    Brian Schmidt, Founder and Executive Director at GameSoundCon

    There are aspects of the Holy Grail in Varantic.

  • Rick Hernandez

    Rick Hernandez, Audio Director, Respawn

    Varantic worked really well for the sounds I was trying to create new variations for.

  • LA Snipes Productions

    Chase Bethea, Sound Designer

    My experience with Varantic was so gratifying. Rather than going through a DAW pipeline of numerous steps, Varantic allowed me be to the efficient and creative audio chemist that I always dreamed of being.