Mission Statement

At Gigantic, we want to create the best possible environment for our employees and for our customers. To help us stay on track and focus on what is most important to us, we have developed our culture around five Core Values. We choose what we do, each and every day, by applying these five Core Values to all of our projects and interactions.

Help them out

We work to improve the lives of others. We help remove barriers to achieving success. We work together, combining our strengths and helping others through teamwork.

Maintain integrity

We do what we say we will, and we don’t make promises we can’t keep. We depend on our employees and support their efforts to be productive, happy, and whole. We encourage honest reporting of progress, and we manage complications as a team.

Encourage knowledge

We improve ourselves through learning and teaching. We share our knowledge and experience with others. We respect the process of learning through experimentation, and through testing new ideas.

Develop from great ideas

We develop great ideas into shippable products. We use our creativity, our technical knowledge, and our passion to bring our visions to life. We strive to work on projects that will inspire us as well as our customers.

Embrace fun

We believe in the universal power of play to heal, teach, and inspire. We help our employees enjoy work by creating a respectful and supportive environment. We find time to have fun with each other and with our customers.