• RichardLudlow

    Richard Ludlow, Director at Hexany Audio

    Varantic allowed us to generate unique variations that sounded completely fresh and natural.

  • Robert Rice

    Robert Rice, Technical Sound Designer

    Varantic enables me to iterate sounds at the click of a button, without ever opening my DAW.

  • Tracy Bush

    Tracy Bush, Audio Director at Sphero

    I was able to generate the hundreds of sounds I needed based on forty seconds of audio.

  • Michael Csurics

    Michael Csurics, Voice Director

    I want to put Varantic on a f***ing alien right now!

  • Brian Schmidt

    Brian Schmidt, Founder and Executive Director at GameSoundCon

    There are aspects of the Holy Grail in Varantic.

  • Rick Hernandez

    Rick Hernandez, Audio Director, Respawn

    Varantic worked really well for the sounds I was trying to create new variations for.

  • LA Snipes Productions

    Chase Bethea, Sound Designer

    My experience with Varantic was so gratifying. Rather than going through a DAW pipeline of numerous steps, Varantic allowed me be to the efficient and creative audio chemist that I always dreamed of being.