The future of game audio

A computer audio workstation loaded with sound equipment.


When you need lots of takes and variations on a few sound effects, you can make them the old-fashioned way.

You can record hundreds of takes, open them up in a sound editor, rearrange and resweeten those elements yourself, and save each take to its own file.

That’ll take hours. Or days. Or weeks.

Or, you can let Varantic do all that work for you, instantly.

Give Varantic a few takes of a sound effect.  Varantic breaks down each input into a set of sonic probabilities.  It then reassembles endless takes of your inputs, into an endless set of retakes.

Admit it.  You don’t want to record or edit or sweeten dozens of footstep sounds, or clothing sounds, or impact sounds.  Get the job done in seconds, with Varantic.

Varantic isn’t some cheap reverb or stretch effect.  Varantic uses the a absolute latest in machine learning technology in order to create new takes, based on your existing takes.  The sonic quality is excellent; the results are convincing to even the most discriminating ears.

Varantic’s got pricing and feature levels for everyone, from indies just starting out, to the triple-A pros who demand the ultimate in quality.

On a typical project, Varantic can easily pay for itself in just a few minutes.

Contact us for a test drive.  You’ll see what companies like Sony, Disney, and Zynga have already seen.  

Choice is good.  Choose the right version of Varantic and let’s get started.  Or, talk to us directly about what Varantic can do for you.